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Thoughts on Competitive Advantage

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In order to provide the necessities of life, people desire a competitive advantage and strive to gain a lead over those with similar objectives. However, at some point in time, those we are competing with become aware of the knowledge or skill we use that has put us in a… Read more »

The Quality of Our Thoughts: What We Think, We Become

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Each of us holds beliefs and opinions about someone or something.  We have the ability to use our mind to develop ways to accomplish our goals.  Or, we can allow our thoughts to wander and leave us in undesirable states. The Results of Our Thinking Sometimes, the views we hold,… Read more »

Start a Conversation: Ways to Help a Failing Relationship

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Dialogue is essential to exchange ideas and opinions, especially in difficult situations.  Those conversations can derail if one person uses language to point another person’s faults, while trying to correct a problem.  However, every person should consider using positive communication to share feedback that gets results.   Relationship Struggles Sometimes,… Read more »

Move Away from Intention and Aim for Results

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Do you or someone you know get into difficult situations?  If so, what do your discussions entail? This morning, I was reading and came across a statement that seemed deep and worthy of attention.  The writing read, “regardless of intention, the result is still the same”.  How profound is that?  I do… Read more »

Watch the Company You Keep: Why Become Your Best Self

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Be aware of the company that you keep and be on your toes when you are sharing your time with others.  The purpose of this writing is to get you to realize that each person you spend time with influences how you emotionally think and feel. You should always be… Read more »

Knowledge Transfer Best Practices: 3 Simple Ways to Tear Down the Silo-Mindset

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Do you know someone who tends to think in silos?  Silos are containers that store grain.  Likewise, individuals with the silo-mindset restrict their brain to applying acquired information in the setting the information was obtained, thus falling into a knowledge trap.  The drawback of this mindset is that it diminishes… Read more »

How to Get What You Want in Life

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Some people seem to have all the luck! Everything they want appears to come easy for them. Have you ever wanted something really bad? You desired it so much that you could not stop thinking about it. So, you decided to do something. But, you just didn’t know how to… Read more »