Move Away from Intention and Aim for Results

Photo by Korona Lacasse / CC BY

Do you or someone you know get into difficult situations?  If so, what do your discussions entail? This morning, I was reading and came across a statement that seemed deep and worthy of attention.  The writing read, “regardless of intention, the result is still the same”.  How profound is that?  I do not know about you, but there have been several experiences in my life when people try to address an issue by talking about their intentions.  My purpose here is to help you change the conversation and move away from discussions about intention, but to talk about how to aim for results.


Understanding Intention

Intention is defined as an aim.  For some, intention is about one’s plan.  Oftentimes, people want to direct attention to what they really intended, what they really meant to do.


Reflecting on Intention vs. Result

The questions for me involve conversations that aim for results.  In my life, when I have been on the receiving end of these conversations, I could not think of a meaningful response that added value to these types of discussion that were aimed at focusing on the person’s intention.  After reading this profound statement, “regardless of intention, the result is still the same”, I have experienced a change of heart.  For instance, why didn’t the person’s rhetoric focus on the result of their actions?  Why didn’t they share meaningful dialogue that acknowledges the consequences of the behavior and their plan to move forward?  How could they overlook the outcomes that did not occur because of their action or lack of action?


How to Move Away from Intention and Aim for Results

In many instances, the discussions I have had are rarely about the effect one’s action or lack of action caused.  People focused on talking about their intention, which rarely involve a reflection on the ramifications that stem from their conduct that did not aim for results.

When people depend on a person to bring about desirable outcomes, the overriding need should be the central focus of the conversation.  One should share a plan that shows the intention to use another method that delivers expected results.  Therefore, discussing intention is never good enough, when the result is still the same.  Instead, the focus should be directed towards outlining the actions that will be different to produce intended outcomes.